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    How about a pure latex mattress? Give you a detailed answer from two aspects

    2020-01-09 10:48:47 嘉興遠暢家具用品有限公司 Viewd 652

    Pure latex mattresses, support your spine while you sleep. Pure latex mattresses are expensive, so why are so many people curious about pure latex mattresses? Want to buy pure latex mattresses? How about a pure latex mattress to prevent mite bacteria? Of course, a great advantage of a pure latex mattress is that it has good breathability. Pure latex mattresses are molded by evaporation of rubber tree sap and have many pores, so they have good breathability.

    In home sales, mattresses have always been a hot market. People's choices of mattresses have gradually changed from single to multiple, and the demand for mattresses is no longer just a matter of softness. At present, in the mattress market, latex mattresses have gradually become the mainstream discussion topic. Many people will ask "How about pure latex mattresses?" This is also a manifestation of the public's increasing requirements for their living environment. As a sales person in the home city, I will answer the pure latex mattresses from two aspects.

    Before giving the answer, "How about a pure latex mattress?", You first need to know what kind of mattress can be called a pure latex mattress. The raw latex of the pure latex mattress is a kind of rubber produced from rubber tree sap collected from rubber trees and combined with modern equipment and technology to carry out mold lifting, foaming, gelling, vulcanizing, washing, drying, and forming processes Green living mattress. Latex is a relatively precious raw material. Because each rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex juice per day, the price of pure latex mattresses on the market is slightly higher than ordinary mattresses.

    When it comes to the price of pure latex mattresses, the brand that has to be mentioned is left and right sleep. Their mattresses are the most cost-effective among the same quality mattress types. Can be called "seven-star products, three-star price."

    Pure latex mattresses are expensive, so why are so many people curious about pure latex mattresses? Want to buy pure latex mattresses? That's because the pure latex mattress made from latex has high elasticity, which can meet the needs of people of different weights, and its good support can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers. Reduce the number of turns and improve sleep quality. Moreover, the area of the latex mattress in contact with the human body is much higher than that of the ordinary mattress, which can evenly disperse the weight of the human body, and has the function of correcting poor sleeping posture. This is the most obvious effect of the sleeper's mattress. Because left and right sleep was researched on human sleep science at the time of research and development, the left and right sleep mattress is made by combining the characteristics of adult spine development, body function and sleep habits, which is suitable for the human body. The growth and development of bones and the general habit of people during sleep comprehensively take care of everyone's dreams.