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    The use of an independent spring tube or an independent bag can effectively mold or worm after a certain process, and avoid shaking and noise caused by friction in the spring. Moreover, the three-stage partitioned independent spring design designed according to ergonomic principles can effectively support each part of the body uniformly, keep the spine naturally straight, and fully relax the muscles, thereby reducing people's turning over during sleep. The number of times it is easier to reach deep sleep. In order to ensure the quality of the spring, the surface of the steel wire inside the spring has rust-proof chemicals when selecting the material. A spring bed with interlocking springs may cause tension in the cervical and lumbar spine muscles, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and pain in the waist. Independent spring-arranged mattresses require a large amount of strong glue to fix the inner cushion interlayer, and up to three layers of interlayer materials are also the place for dirt and dirt.

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